N-Series REWARD bring higher performance on every level with styling, power economical operation and safety feature geared to increased capacity.
By offering a wide range of GVW, REWARD meets the needs of business with a model perfect for every application while working in harmony with society and the environment.

The Ultimate Workspace:

  • Step up and experience the ultimate mobile office. With excellent accessibility, the cabin is a full-feature workspace designed for maximum utility, safety and comfort.
  • The freedom of comfort: The global standard of expanded cabin space unprecedented comfort and freedom.
  • The instrument panel uses a “Hard wave” motif to expand the sense of interior space. Curved cockpit surface are designed to fit nature hand movements and put controls at driver’s fingertips. Even the form and angle of switches are carefully considered, resulting in a dramatic improvement in operability.
  • LED meters: Mater panel graphic are totally renewed and incorporate ISO-compliant warning symbol. Meters are also easier to read, allowing drivers to confirm vehicle statue at a glance. Moreover, LED lighting uses less electrical power, and lamps have a long service life.

Powerful & tough

Next generation engine build on the proven performance of ISUZU powerplants. Power and durability are taken to a higher level.

  • Common-rail fuel injection system: Electronic control precisely injects fuel at extremely high pressure in 1/1000 second units and determines optimal injection amount, reducing NOx and particulate matter (PM) (4JJ1-TC, 4HK1-TCN)
  • 16-valve DOHC: Valve operation is accurately timed event at high rpm, increasing air intake and discharge from cylinder, thereby raising intake and exhaust efficiency. There optimal combustion conditions reduce PM and black smoke while raising fuel economy. ( 4JJ1-TC)

Safe and Secure, Always,

  • Advanced digital analysis makes the cab more rigid and reduce weight: truck safety is evolving in a new direction.
  • ELR 3 point system seatbelts: Effectively restrain and protect driver and passengers during a collision.
  • Front and rear drum break: Extra-large breaks improve breaking performance.
  • Enhanced breaking: Full air braking in GVM 9.5 ton model is engineered for tough conditions and meets ECE regulations. A wheel park lever locks wheels in place.
  • Reinforced door waist: Minimizes distortion in the shape of the cab in the event of accident.