ISUZU Spirit

The ISUZU Spirit

The Isuzu Spirit dates back to more than 100 years ago when the

concept of innovative creativity was bred into its products for the​

benefit of the development of society. This important concept is still being handed down from generation to generation. Isuzu still carries on this tradition with unbridled determination, as it strives to enhance society with the “Isuzu Spirit”: delivery happiness, prosperity to users and contribute to society

ISUZU…The Spirit of Creator

Isuzu…a household name that resonates greatness within the realm of the automobile industry – a name which proudly claims its origins from the sacred “Isuzu” river that flows through the Ise Grand Shrine, the holy abode of the Amaterasu Omikami deity who is regarded as the Goddess of the Sun and universe. Hence, Isuzu is comparable to the creator of innovation to the automotive industry…throughout the period of over 100 years palace. Isuzu has established itself as a pioneer in design, performance, and world-class diesel technological prowess. To date, more than 25 million diesel engines produced by ISUZU has driven the brand’s technological excellence; and has been chosen as the power source of many leading automobile models from Europe, United States and Japan.

ISUZU…The Spirit of Challenge

While Isuzu’s business empire has expanded all over the world, the Isuzu brand started its business operations in Thailand in 1957. After experiencing a quantum leap in business growth, Isuzu established Tri-Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd in 1964 for the purpose of managing Isuzu sales distribution and Aftersales service centers in Thailand. Tri-Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd was established as a joint venture between the global conglomerate Mitsubishi Corporation and Isuzu Motor (Japan), a world-class manufacturer of diesel engines and commercial vehicles.

“Tri-Petch Isuzu Group” has achieved the following milestones:

– Expanded its vast showroom network and Aftersales service centers which covers the entire Thailand market in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction index for its customers.

– Established the Tri-Petch Isuzu Training Center to provide product and Aftersales service knowledge which resulted in accumulation of operations expertise and optimal efficiency.

– Conducted studies and research & development on a continuous basis for the development of Isuzu vehicle products that cater directly to the discerning requirements and needs of the customer in the truest sense.

The success of Isuzu’s business operations in Thailand in 2002 convinced Isuzu Motor (Japan) to relocate its pickup production and assembly line operations from Japan to Thailand. This strategic decision allowed Isuzu to export its pickup and PPV (Pickup Passenger Vehicle) products to more than 100 export destinations all over the world. Today, “Tri-Petch Isuzu” is regarded as the prime example of the business model for all of Isuzu business entities all over the world. Needless to say, “Tri-Petch Isuzu” has given birth to countless epic milestones in the history of the automobile industry of Thailand.

– In 1997 Isuzu celebrated the production of its 1,000,000th vehicle in Thailand

– In 2002 Isuzu launched the world premier of the all-new “Isuzu D-MAX” pickup which gave rise to a phenomenon that the local media called the “Isuzu D-MAX Fever” on account of an unprecedented vehicle booking of over 10,000 units within 10 days from the day of its launch. The “Isuzu D-MAX” went on to achieve sales of over 1,000,000 units over a period of a little more than 7 years. The Isuzu D-MAX is currently the best-selling vehicle in Thailand.

– In 2007 Isuzu achieved total production of 2,000,000 units.

– In 2011 the “Isuzu D-MAX Fever” resurfaced again when Isuzu introduced the world debuted “All-New Isuzu D-MAX” pickup to the market. A new sales record was established with sales of over 15,000 units in only 3 days.

– In 2012 Isuzu celebrated its production of 3,000,000 units comprising every model; in conjunction with the grand opening of its new production plant to accommodate market growth and demand from both the domestic and international markets.

– In 2013 Isuzu launched the “Isuzu MU-X” luxury PPV which was positioned as its flagship product for international markets alongside the Isuzu D-MAX. The Isuzu MU-X sold 5,000 units in 10 days since its launch date and achieved annual sales of over 20,000 units, a record for the Isuzu PPV segment.

– And in November of 2015…despite the shrinking vehicle market in Thailand, a resilient Isuzu countered the economic doldrums by surpassing all expectations with what the local media called the “Isuzu D-MAX Blue Power” phenomenon. The market and a Thai motorists reacted with an overwhelming response –thus, cementing the leadership status of Isuzu in the pickup industry of Thailand in the truest sense.

“Tri-Petch Isuzu Group” has succeeded in establishing legendary success stories in Thailand. This string of continuous successes by Isuzu earned the brand an elite reputation among the people of Thailand…”Commercial trucks must be Isuzu. Pickups must be Isuzu. Diesel engines must be Isuzu”.

The Isuzu vehicle has the best value-for-money for its customers, which reflects on the Isuzu vehicle’s highest quality, durability, fuel efficiency, best resale value, sales distribution network and Aftersales service quality second to none.

ISUZU…The Spirit of Responsibility

Apart from Isuzu’s marketing prowess and delivering the best service to motorists, Isuzu takes great pride in conducting itself as a good Corporate Citizen of Thai society. A key policy of Isuzu and the “Tri-Petch Isuzu Group” is to “sacrifice for the benefit of society”. Therefor CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility activities play an important role through the initiation of events that benefit society – such as the education sector, quality of life, promotion of cultural arts and various organizational activities. Hence, with a strong commitment that is determined to drive Thai society with the “Isuzu Spirit”: delivery happiness, prosperity to users and contribute to society.